Condo/Townhouse Roofing

Sometimes roof problems are so severe that the only way to completely resolve the issues permanently is with a complete new roof system. Whether it is just a single unit or the entire complex that needs to be replaced Eyles Contracting, Inc. is able to handle the challenge. Offering the strongest warranties in the industry and backed by manufacture guarantees, you can rest assured that when the project is done the headaches will be too!

We have a dedicated department of our team that handles both emergency and/or extensive repairs of any roof. There is no project too big or small for Eyles Contracting, Inc..

Perhaps the development just recently had a new roof installed or cannot quite fit a complete roof replacement in the budget. Allow us to come in and maintain the current roofs in your community. In many instances we are able to extend roof lives for multiple years until the complete project can be accomplished.

If it is a simple cleaning or all of the gutters need to be replaced we are able to accommodate. Eyles Contracting, Inc. offers a wide variety of gutters including 5" and 6" aluminum or take a look at our specialty copper gutters and downspouts.

Inspection and Analysis
Allow our trained professionals to help you plan your roofing project. In most cases, not all of the units will need to be completed at the same time, or in other instances, the entire roof replacement project may not fit into the planned budget. Eyles Contracting, with you by giving you a written analysis of every building and what needs to be done to solve the various problems. By inspecting all of the buildings in the development, we are able to help you put a strategic plan of attack in place to ensure the least amount of headaches.