Types of Glass


Choices! Choices! Choices! Now that you know your window options, you will need to consider the various types of glass that are available. There are several different grades, and you will want to make the best decision based on your energy efficiency goals. This section has been designed to help you do just that!

Clear Glass

As you probably have already guessed, clear glass is the preferred material for home window panes. But with newer techniques such as glazing or cutting, as well as custom fitting, consumers now have the ability to 'customize' the appearance of their windows. Additional enhancements include glazing options that help control heat loss and condensation.

Low-Emissivity Glass
Low-E glass features an unique surface coating that reduces the heat transfer back through the window. In fact, such a coating can reflect anywhere from 60% of the normally transmitted heat without inhibiting the amount of light that passes through the window.

Double Pane Glass
Double Glass with 1 pane of Low-E coating, 1 pane of clear glass, 1 U-Shaped Spacer and 1 Argon gas-filled air space.

Triple Pane Glass
Triple Glass with 2 panes of Low-E coating, 1 pane of clear glass, 2 U-Shaped Spacer and 2 Argon gas-filled air spaces.