Types of Windows


Today, there are 11 basic window types to choose from, below is a brief description of each type.

Casement Windows
Operates like a hinged door, except that it opens and closes with a lever inside the window. They can be opened completely to allow 100% air flow to come in.

Double and Single Hung Windows
The most common used windows today. It has panes that slide up and down in tracks called stiles. When open, these windows allow air flow through half of its size. In single-hung windows the top sash is fixed and can't be moved.

Awning and Hopper Windows
Similar in look to the Casement Windows, yet they tilt to open instead of slide (awning tilts inwards and Hopper tilts outwards). Both types allow air flow almost through their full size.

Horizontal Sliding Windows
These are actually Double-Hung or Single-Hung windows laid on their sides. Allow air flow through half of their size.

Fixed Window
Can't be opened or closed and are installed directly into a wall.

Glass Block Windows
Same as fixed windows, but installed like concrete blocks. Allow for privacy.

Bay Windows
Wide and decoratively impressive allow for 180° view. Consists of three adjacent windows or sections of windows in a series.

Bow Windows
Similar to the Bay window, but is gently curved rather than angled. The curved shape is created by a series of narrow sashes.

Garden Windows
AKA Green House Windows. They are projected out by about 12" from the house exterior. These windows allow sunlight exposure, thus making them ideal to grow plants.

Jalousie Windows
Composed from a set of narrow horizontal panes of glass slats that open upward with a crank. Allow 100% of available ventilation.

Skylight and Roof Windows
Admit natural light and help distribute light more evenly throughout the room. Considered an energy saver feature. Comes in many shapes and sizes.